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Mic'd Up at the Joe

The Joe Lamontagne Tournament and High Button Sports are proud to offer players an exclusive opportunity again this year. Have you ever wondered what your kid is saying on the ice before the game, what all that chatter is, what their reaction is to a missed shot, etc, now is your time to find out. GET MIC'D UP at THE JOE!  We can even Mic up a fan in the stands, or one of your coaches to catch their reactions of the game.
Limited spots are available to be Mic'd Up at The Joe, and we want your player to be one of them. Your player will be mic'd up for a round robin game warm-up + at least one period of game action to collect as much audio/video as possible. The High Button Sports team will then professionally edit the video, and deliver your very own Mic'd Up Video to you via email in 2-3 weeks time.  Some of the Mic'd Up videos will be featured on High Button Sports and The Joe's respective social media platforms. Your video will be 45-90 seconds in length based upon the audio/video that we are able to capture.
Videos are $250 each, and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Sign up today to avoid missing out on this unique opportunity.  You can register here
Feb 15, 2024